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Michael Attiq

I have worked with Eddie purchasing four homes. His professionalism and subject knowledge has truly impressed me. Has always had good insight as far as comparable home values in the area. What particularly about the neighborhood I have purchases in may make a home more or less desirable as far as schools districts HOA fees and other factors? He as done diligent research on permitting issues for any upgrades done, and knowing the right professionals to involve for insuring a valued purchase regarding issues like roof condition, slab and settling issues, as well as air condition issues. The customer service piece I cannot rant and rave about enough. Eddie Is just always available. There has never been a time I have contacted him and waited more than 20 minutes for a response. This includes nights and weekends. His flexibility in scheduling has always met my demanding needs due to my work and school schedules. Eddie is also extremely patient and is willing to do what it takes to ensure his clients are truly happy with their purchase. Most of all I value his straightforward approach to business; it is very refreshing to hear the good bad and the ugly without all the sugarcoating. Already having purchased four homes with Eddie, I foresee a long lasting relationship for my future realtor needs. I would not hesitate to recommend him as the “best” for any one of my friends and family.