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Property Investors

Property Investment as a wealth building tool can be fraught with hidden obstacles. There are many paths to choose from to obtain your goals. Whether you are a first time investor or well versed in the art of collecting properties there are several methods of achieving your desired goals.

Here at Kellar Realty & Property Management Inc. we work with many different strategies for investing in real estate, whether they are wholesale deals, off market properties, fix & flip or, fix and rent, we have the experience to guide you towards your financial goals.

Our areas of expertise include:

Fix & Flip
The Fix-and-Flip strategy is the business of finding properties that need work, doing the repairs, and reselling them at top price for a profit. If you’ve ever watched the flipping shows on HGTV, this is what they do!

Wholesaling is the business of finding good deals on investment properties and then reselling them quickly for a small mark up. The crux of this business is being good at marketing and negotiating to find those good deals.

Live in then rent
Live-In-Then-Rent is simply living in a house that will eventually become a rental. This means the house must work as your home AND as an investment later on

Long term buy and hold
This is the strategy of owning real estate with the intention of keeping it for the long haul. The benefits of this slow and steady (and very successful) strategy include rental income, tax shelter from depreciation expenses, amortization of loans, and price appreciation.

Short term buy and hold
This strategy involves buying and holding rental properties for relatively short periods of time – perhaps 1 to 5 years. Often the purpose of this strategy is to force property appreciation (aka add value) by remodeling, raising the rent, decreasing expenses, or all of those.

The short-term buy and hold strategy works very well for multi-unit apartment turn-around projects. It also works well for rentals in high priced, appreciating markets that don’t cash flow as well.

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